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I do receive referral fees from some links that are clicked on here. This does not affect which products are included here! I don't need to make money from lying and being fake. Everything here is real and I enjoy it!

= I like it a lot ... or I made it. (will specify)

  • My Setup!
  • Tools I Use
  • Supplements I take.
  • Current Subliminals
  • YouTube Courses I am taking
  • Neville Goddard Resources
  • Notion Resources
  • Ways 2 Support
  • Home!
  • Current Setup

  • Lenovo ThinkVision T24v-20 23.8in Monitors x2
  • Parblo 10x6 inch Drawing Tablet
  • Logitech for Creators Blue Snowball iCE USB Microphone
  • (not recommending laptop because it sucks lmao)

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    Tools I Use to Make Internet Amaze

    You need tools to make your Internet Life Amazing...These are my suggested essentials...

  • Tweet Deleter. You should delete your tweets as often as possible.
  • Mozilla Firefox. This should be the main browser you use imo
  • Paid Tweet Deleter. Worth paying for. "Why would you pay for tools on twitter lol" - bitches who aint never sold anything on twitter
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    Supplements I take

    Y'all been blowing me up for years about this shit. Here you go. I am not a medical advisor nor have these statements been validated by the FDA. This is what I do, so you can do it too -- at your own risk!

  • MSM Powder - I take for hair and nail growth, joint health, and vivid dreams. One kilo lasts 5-6 months. $20
  • Vitamin C Powder - Potentiates MSM, among other things.Prevents scurvy.
  • Maca Root - WILL bring your libido back from the throes of Zoloft's grips.I take it to make me thick and give me a little bit of energy, and not to mention have the nunu on tsunami. Man-made weather machine, call my nunu HAARP
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    Subliminals and Affirmations I Listen To

    These are subs and affs that I've used for years.

  • I Make Money Everytime I Breathe. I have slept with this two Thursdays in a row and woke up with money.
  • I Am A Creative Genius
  • My Life Is Showered W/ Miracles
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    YouTube Courses I've Found

  • Graphic Design Tutorial For Beginners | Graphic Design (Full Course) from CalArts.
  • Photoshop for Beginners
  • Adobe Illustrator for beginners. Will watch this next. My thoughts soon!
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    Neville Goddard & Manifestation

  • At Your Command (AUDIOBOOK)
  • At Your Command (PDF)
  • Neville Goddard: Complete Reader (AUDIOBOOK)
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    Notion Resources

  • My Manifestation Journal
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