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Do you want to know what I honestly believe? Let me show you.

it is hard to understand god if you don't know him

it is hard to know god if you've never experienced god

it is hard to experience god if you've never understood god."

to know, understand, and experience is three completely different things.

1. know. to be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information.

2. understand. a. to perceive the intended meaning of (words, a language, or a speaker) b. interpret or view (something) in a particular way.

3. experience. a. practical contact with and observation of facts or events. b. encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence).

knowing and experiencing are two different things, but they're closely related. to know god, is to experience god. but first, you must understand god. and you do this by knowing god.

it is hard to understand god if you don't know him.

(last updated 7/6/22)

for all of recorded history, there has been a question about the mysterious forces around us. what makes our fingernails grow? what makes a dandelion grow out of the middle of a sidewalk? what is "god?" who is it? who is responsible for the famine, the war, the hierarchy? who is responsible for me missing rent repeatedly!! there is no way that there is a god with all of the shit happening in the world?

and the way that most of humanity considers a "God?" you're right. there is no God.

UNCLENCH. It's not what you think.

For all intensive purposes, I am going to call this power "God" because it's what you are most used to. A lot of people call it source, some call it the universe. Whatever it is, it has been ignoring calls and texts ... or so it seems.

The bible is one of the greatest metaphysical books of all time, as are the Quran and the Torah. They all speak of the same power, the same God. Attached, however, are rules and guidelines or else you will be punished.

Sorry, God isn't like that. God would never punish you. God is eternally forgiving. God always listens to what you say and you do. Why? Because God is within your subconscious mind.

I know you're confused. Let me explain this.

There are two parts of reality. There's the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious is the active, and the subconscious is the passive. The conscious protects the subconscious by staying alert of all things that could kill them both. The subconscious gracefully accepts everything that we are conscious of being, saying, doing, feeling, etc.

God's hand moves through thoughts, feelings, states of being and whatever you're aware of. This happens with this simple formula: Thoughts create beliefs. Beliefs create assumptions and your assumptions -- no matter how false -- will create your reality. And actually, there's nothing "created." Everything that you could possibly think of exists. Creation is finished. You have to shift to the state of being of the person that does, is, or has whatever you're looking for.

You're doing this all the time every single day! You've told yourself lies based on one teeny tiny interaction. Those teeny tiny lies blew up before they became the truth.

So when people say you are the universe experiencing itself .... they're right, friend!

Note, this does not apply to people with thinking disorders. Never, not once!!! have I had any of my intrusive thoughts manifest. Subconsciously, it's because we know that these things aren't real. You literally cannot be sure if it's real or not. Therefore, it literally can't manifest!

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