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Last Updated July 25th, 2022.

  • RUN /PASSWORD 'Passwords and You'
  • Loading ... Passwords and You>_

    Passwords are the most important component that you can have in regards to keeping yourself safe. It is the difference between you knowing your information vs the world knowing your information. I don't particularly enjoy seeing memes like this that highlight how lacksadaisical we are in regards to passwords.

    It's actually very easy to make, remember, and keep safe passwords.

    We are in the age of Aquarius. Cybersecurity is at risk.

    As the internet continues to host more sensitive information, the time to fuck around has long since passed. I remember when passwords were mandatory 6 characters, then 8, then 2 numbers, capital, etc...

    how to make a strong password in a few easy steps

    Think of a non-trending earworm that sticks in your head. It's important for it to be not currently in the Top 40 if you can help it as when people wisen up to this technique, it'll be easier to brute force and analyze.

    "We made it out kentucky after all that happened!" by Tee Grizzley is a fav. We will use this today

    I like to use the first letters of this song. wmiokaath -- satisfies the 8 requirement.

    next, i like to AlTeRnAtE LeTtErS. WmIoKaAtH

    Then I replace letters with numbers and characters that look like letters. Wm10Ka@tH

    Add a few bulk details, and you got a strong ass password. Wm10Kya@th?

    Prepare to laugh at this in a few years when this is incorrect. I'll save it for posterity.