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  • What is this page?
  • Astro Predictions and Interpretations
  • "What does it mean if?" and other questions like it.
  • Anal Isis offerings
  • What is this?

    This is where I'm holding all of my astro shit, including sales etc.

    If you learned something, tip me!

    Astro Predictions and Interpretations

    Whether I'm wrong or right, I'm keeping things here. I think I will color code each link like... green for correct, white for an event that happened in the past or has yet to happen, yellow for partially correct and red for wrong asf


  • coming to you ... eventually (within the weeks lol)
  • "Hey, what does it mean if..."

    Starting September 1st, I am not answering questions without at least a tip. I am happy to answer some, but not all. This is up to my discretion. If you have been linked this section, you probably posted your chart without asking or you asked in a way that I deemed aggressive. You may tip at$chribby.

    This isn't to discourage you from asking questions, just be mindful of what all you're asking and if a tip would be necessary before asking. Again, up to my discretion if I answer.

    If you have a lot of questions, consider subscribing to Chrißynet, where I can answer basic questions on my discord.

    Analysis Offerings

    The Doctor is in. Bookings to be received by Thursday, October 6th.

    Slots available: 5.

    These are analyses. I am an external processor, so I guess you can look and hear my real time deciphering of your chart based on the area of life you specify you want to look into. It's silly, it's basically me talking the way I tweet (i guess... because i tweet how i talk lol) and I help you come to an understanding with yourself.

    Basic Area of Life Reading - $60

    I look at one area of life, and I see strengths, weaknesses, and how to navigate both. Recorded w OBS.

    2 Basic Area of Life Reading - $100

    I look at two areas of life, and I see strengths, weaknesses, and how to navigate both. Recorded w OBS.

    ~*Specialty Reads*~

    Profection Year (Significant Aspects) - $75

    Looking at your profection lord for your solar return, any significant transits I could look at and more. Recorded w OBS.

    I Have A Different Question - Let's Talk.

    Do you want to look at my astrological perspective for something else? Please keep in mind I do charge by the minute because this is a lot of work and I don't want to be exploitededed anymore, sowwy.

    areas of life: love, career, finances, social, family, spiritual, self, and more.

    What to expect:

    I am going to open these every week until December 8th. I will try for 5 spots, but I may add 2-5 more max depending on need or whatever.

    Trying to do this on a weekly basis so I can practice my rollout for servide based programs. This is a work in progress, but a work nonetheless!

    Due to this being a bit of an "experiment" if you will, the turnaround times may differ, but I am trying for 3-5 day turnaround because it's important.

    Document of Things [link]

    Because I talk how I tweet, it is assumed that you'll know that this is gonna be a bunch of rambling galore.