I won't be doing astro readings anymore. They're a pain in the ass to do and there really isn't enough money in the world I could charge for the expertise. If you have questions, please *TIP* and ask them at asktro@[thissite] because outside of that, it's just not fruitful. They take way too long to do, and the amount of effort I put in would require me to raise prices in order for me to not be as burnt out. $50 and $85 aren't enough, I'm sowry.

I will still contribute to astrology, but I seriously need a pay raise in order for me to do individuals. If you think you can pay me what I'm worth, email me, but don't get mad if it takes forever.

In other news, I am also looking to do astro segments for radio and print. If you know of an organization that pays decently for amazing content, you know the email by this point.

The intention of this page is to hold all of my astrological creations (and get ready, cuz there's a lot!) but for now, enjoy this message.

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